With the pandemic spreading its fear across the globe, causing a havoc among the society and the world undergoing lock down; we observe the lack of understanding among the people regarding the fragile situation. With groceries running out of stock and prices rising high, communities below the poverty line die due to hunger or poor hygiene. People below the poverty lie who has no understanding of the situation are left behind. Therefore, there is an urgent need to spread awareness midst them.

 With the roads deserted and businesses shutdown, people in lock down suffer from anxiety and depression, due to the fear of major unemployment, financial crisis, loss of communication, also cases of suicide have been reported due to terror of contacting disease. This current situation has taken a devastating turn within itself that the turmoil in future shall be inevitable as observed during Spanish flu of 1920.

After effects of pandemic would leave the world facing global economic crisis, food crisis and misconception among the people regarding the disease, leading the society in a state of chaos ad discrimination between each other.


  1. Good article, the past pandemic situation highlighted and well compared to the current situation.


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