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TO HESITATE _ Architecture News

We spend most of our life in an office environment. When the areas we work in are arranged in standard molds, only one table can go beyond a chair for us. However, it is necessary to customize an environment where most of our life is spent by going out of the molds. It is necessary to bring a different spirit to work environments.

It is difficult to think, that is why most people view it only as a task. This puts us in molds. But it is in our hands to make our lives easier with easy solutions. One of the most common mistakes in open offices is that the areas do not get enough light or the right lighting is not used. In addition, noise is inevitable in areas where more than one person works. It is possible to eliminate these problems with small details. First of all, correct lighting is very important in the working environment. Working people should not be tired. In addition, it is necessary to minimize the sound. For this, we can add color to the environment and minimize the sound with the divider panels. Of course, the sound or environment layout does not change completely with these. But they are important factors to consider. It is in our hands to comply with the environment we live in. It is a matter of priority to personify and add meaning to those areas. Each piece used in the office must complement each other like a puzzle piece. Going out of the standards only takes you away from your comfort zone. But going beyond your own limits always leads to more creative results. This applies not only in terms of design, but in every work you do. In order to get good results, we have to step out of our comfort areas and step into different experiences. Now, we need to break the standard office molds and reach more comfortable areas. It is imperative to make an environment that spends very long hours more ergonomic. In addition, comfortable areas should be provided. We can increase the efficiency by providing an efficiency that you will get at the table and looking from different angles with moving areas.

When all the details come together, it must literally pay off. By connecting colors in the office, employees should be provided with an environment that they will love and breathe. A fresh environment will always increase interaction more. Dare to be different. Feel what people want before designing. Perhaps it will not be easy to create an area that appeals to everyone at the same rate in the area where many people work. But adding beauty to every area we live starts with doing the right thing first. Just like puzzle pieces, the right pieces will find their place.

Author Information

Leyla G. Fırat

I was born in Stockholm / Sweden on 03.08.1987. I graduated from the interior design and environmental design department, which was my biggest dream in 2013. Later, I started to work in Bürotime office furniture to develop myself on showroom design. I have always tried to improve myself in terms of interior architecture by attending seminars on many PDR subjects. I tried to touch the hearts of people with the works I have done. I took part in many important projects. I gained a different perspective on the office areas.

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