Stone Material is one of the oldest and most functioning building materials. Since people have gained the ability to process this durable material, houses have been carved out of stone, made of stone and decorated with stone.

In the past, the type of stone material used in house construction generally depended on being easily available in the region because it was difficult and costly to carry the stone due to its weight, which is still the case.


However, it is one of the strongest and most reliable materials as a building material that functions as a carrier; The foundations and walls have been made of stone since the Middle Ages due to its load bearing capacity.

Today, although concrete is cheaper, stone material continues to be in demand as a covering material, either on the carrier system or on the less costly wall construction.

Italy Sardinia Island,Ollolai Village
Italy Sardinia Island,Ollolai Village

This Italian stone house is a typical example for the stone houses in the world. After the thick stones in the wall are roughly shaved and shaped, the walls are built by stacking without using binders.

The method is primitive, but the ability to construct retaining walls resiliently is an angel acquired after years of application.

The strength and thermal properties of the stone’s core have a good effect on this contemporary home design Country House by DVA Architect in Bosnia. Thick walls are strong and also regulate the internal heat of the building, reducing the need for mechanical heating and cooling.

Many projects in the world continue to be made on stone material, some think that the stone reminds of the past, some think that the stone has a historical originality.

Stone structures, or “megaliths”, have been erected by humanity for thousands of years. Many of these structures were built around the same time, the 3rd millennium BC.

Some of the better-known ones:

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