Soulages Museum CGI
Soulages Museum CGI

Poised mastery of minimalist spatial composition and building craft–with weathering steel plate as a major protagonist—is evident in every detail of the Soulages Museum, dedicated to the work of the French abstract artist Pierre Soulages and located in his hometown of Rodez, in southwest France. Evident too in the building, by RCR Arquitectes of Olot, Spain, is its sophisticated integration into its surroundings and its rapport with the artwork.

First of all, I decided to participate in The One Rendering Challenge. Then I began to search for ideas for my project. I was looking for a strict, minimalistic, but spectacular architecture and the Soulages Museum best suited these criteria. Rusty oblong panels look very brutal

I created this project using Autodesk 3ds Max, Corona renderer, Adobe Photoshop. These were the main tools, but it is equally important to note the various plug-ins scripts and libraries that I used for this work. Libraries such as Megascans library, Friendly shade, and Poliigon allowed me to achieve this quality of work. We used Quixel Mixer to generate some PBR textures.

This project served as a good basis in order to demonstrate and implement the knowledge and ideas in 3d graphics that I acquired in a year and a half of training. People reacted positively, and this is good news. I have acquired many useful contacts.

Places like museums, as we all know, are the places that contribute to urban design, the most important design factor when designing urban spaces is the material, the material takes the building to another point and the material that will constitute a good example for the city has been preferred in the Soulages Museum.

Old metal panels are used in the building.

Arcticle by:
Sakul Vartanyan


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