Why do we often feel lonely when the population growth never ceased? Where do they go? Here we are finding reasons to avoid any human interaction. Why do we avoid them? What is the status of our social conduct? I ask. “RECESS”

It’s because I need a tap out, but why do I tap out? 

Just the thought of being in close quarters with people stress us? 

Crowded Urban Environments are considered attention and energy drains for a person who is not in a good frame of mind. (Honestly, none of us are. But why do I think so?) 

High density living often blurs the boundary between private and the public, it is just so easy to be involved in each other’s business, deliberately or otherwise, without the sense of care or the community that provides support of our mental health. 

This would probably be the reason why people avoid crowd and often find difficulty in drawing the line. 

So, what does this mean? Where are we heading towards? “RECESS”

Most of the youngsters in this generation are predominantly stressed throughout the day, especially the working class. Always in a rush, thinking about schedules and crunching time. 

Business people office. Team people are unhappy with their leader. Intern manager does not cope with his duties. Crowd in stress. Top view. Boss does not cope with the task.

What would you do when you have an insane deadline? 

We can find ourselves eventually pushing away the human interaction, wishing everyone to be quite and leave us alone. 

Though a healthy amount of stress is important for challenging outputs, Extreme stress would make one helpless. “RECESS”

With jobs, social life, families, to do lists and the countless lists and their implications, we always find ourselves filled to the brim. 

More people surrounding us – invariably increases competition, Fight to compete for job, parking spots, end-of-year bargains, societal pressure, etc. 

About 34% of adults don’t take their vacations and voluntarily reduce their lunch breaks and work extended hours. Believe me I was also a part of this crowd for a long time. And sadly, many of my friends still are. 

And why did we do this in the first place? I ponder only to realize that we are easily stressed by the loss of control over our work and commitments without taking the necessary breaks we need for recovery. 

This disconnection and isolation are directly associated with the number of activities we are involved in, the commitments we make in turn affects the less time we can dedicate in meaningful, happiness engendering activities. Often giving rise to “are-you-useful-to-me?” relationships, losing the sense of community. “RECESS”

Therefore, a city’s mental and social stability and progress struggles to meet the current growth rate of the economic sector. 

Where did we go wrong? What is missing from our side did we contribute to address this? At this point it might be fitting to restart (No this is not with reference to the silky-smooth Beer). 

And now I ask, what is it that we want? Why should you balance work and life? When it is your life you should be building on. One might love his work; it could even be a part of his lifestyle but he should know what it is that he lives for. 

Maybe balancing all these factors by figuring out your life is the whole journey of life. Then again it doesn’t make sense, maybe it does. 

Most importantly with the unique power and responsibility as Architects and the citizens, what can be done to address this? Afterall we have the ability to change and influence our society and in a way their lifestyle as well. 

About the Author 

A 4th Year B.Arch. student who strongly believe that architecture is a powerful tool to create tangible and intangible change within a person: the existence of the built environment is to impact and improve the livelihood of the Humans. 

Sarath Raj 


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