Expressionism – Futurism – Neo


It is the most progressive, innovative, original and advanced movement of the art and architecture world that developed in the first decade of the 20th century. The 1st futurist manifesto, published on February 20, 1909, expresses their aesthetic understanding as follows. “We will sing of danger, energy and simplicity, and we declare that the world is enriched with a new beauty.

Cybertecture Egg – Mumbai, Hindistan

With the beauty of speed, a race car roaring with its explosive breath coming out of its serpentine tailpipes, a car making sounds like a machine gun is many times more beautiful than the Greek statues that symbolize ancient beauty. “In the field of architecture, Antonio Santella and Mario Chiattone try to produce works in accordance with the understanding of futurism.

Dragonfly – New York, Amerika

Santella used interesting and new ideas such as sky subways, elevators, and different sized traffic lanes in Citta Nuova, where she prepared her projects. Everywhere should be moving and dynamic, and modern buildings should be like a giant machine.” However, these radical and progressive views of his will be realized to some extent 50 years later with the Pompidou business center in Paris. For him, architecture is not just a dry combination of utility and practicality, it is an art. I discussed architecture in this concept of art from my own perspective in the previous article. We will examine the expressionism and neo approach in the next article and discuss it with a few examples. Good reading 🙂

A short selection:

Putrajaya Waterfront – Putrajaya, Malezya

Galaxy Soho – Beijing, Çin



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