With the advent of coronavirus, The entire community of architects and designers in the world have resorted to working from home. With the pandemic spreading like wildfire, adopting this new work culture is posed as a challenge to many. Although some of us are loving this arrangement, most of us are dying to get back to our office life. Lets discuss some of the mundane problems we face everyday! “LOCKED DOWN ARCHITECTS”


Yes, we design! but we do get bored sometimes. There’s a reason why design schools focus so much on group works-‘WE BUILD AS A TEAM’.We finally start missing the tiny things that we actually enjoyed, whether it’s gossiping with your colleague about the office or the dramatic client sessions where they complain incessantly about the designs or even your boss yelling at you for no reason. Now with no one around, the entire day just feels like rewind and replay of our previous day almost every day! hence we are BORED!

Bad network

I don’t know why, but I feel even the cell network, as well as the wifi/internet data, has quarantined itself. A personal observation, but I feel wifi always works better in offices than in homes. I am sure many of us would have left most of our files on the office desktop. Coordinating drawings, video conference meetings with a poor wifi signal is sure enhancing our patience skills(Unless you have already thrown away your laptop into the dustbin!) “LOCKED DOWN ARCHITECTS”


Even though there are many distractions in offices as well, You still cannot defeat house. The fact that your boss or your senior isn’t inspecting your work makes you lose all your focus towards it. Instead, Work goes in collaboration with surfing, youtube, movies, munching your favorite snack, playing with your pet and the list goes on. Hence the quality and quantity of work done in a specified time reduces


Most of our sleep cycles are fucked. Our usual 9-5 timings have changed to 12-6. I don’t know about others but most of my designer friends love to lie in their couches or beds and work on their laptops. Hence falling asleep is no hard work for us! Indiscipline sleep timings, boredom, eventually makes us drowsy throughout the day

From moving to fast-paced office lives to slow-paced lazy work from home sessions, somethings still don’t change i.e ‘OUR WORK’. To all my designer friends out there…Keep Calm, Make Coffee and keep Creating new Ideas!

Article by
Sonal Sahai



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