How to Design Your Interior
How to Design Your Interior

First of all, it is necessary to start by saying that tastes and colors are indisputable. We ask to ourself ” How to Design Your Interior? ” Works, techniques etc. that are popular in every period. varies. As these change, this changes in the same direction in our planning. Of course, some planning is simple, while others take hundreds of years. If we sort;

City-> Neighborhood -> Street -> Street -> Island -> Parcel -> Apartment -> Apartment -> Room

As we go down from the city, our chances of making changes increase. So while Kent can only change in 100 years, you can change your room every month. We can call it Flexibility. In our later articles, we can focus on this issue in more detail and clarify it.

Now we will stand on the Room, which is our smallest Building unit, we mean the Room (kitchen, Living Room, WC, Bedroom etc.)

Colors and shapes that are in trend in every period change. E.g;

     – 2020 Trend Colors Purple-Gold

     – 2019 Trend Colors Blue-Gold

     – Trend Colors of 2018 Black-Gold

If you change the interior of your Home and Room once a year, you can keep yourself up to date by using the colors in the Trend.

How to Design Your Interior?

Well, if you are one of those who change 1 time in 40 years, not once.

You have several different options in this.

1-) Everyone has their favorite colors, you can use them all over your home.

2-) Using colors with their meanings

So -> Red – Color Appetizes,

         -> White – Cleaning, Purity

         -> Green – Nature Creativity

Colors and their meanings

Our Recommendation is to move forward from Option 2. To develop the design in this direction. After choosing our colors, we have to look at how to guide the Design. In other words, which style of furniture do we want to design or have? Of course there are many techniques and terms, but I divide them into 2 classes for simpler understanding.

     1-> Linear Lines, Flat Design.

     2-> Full-Empty Moving Design.

Of course, these conditions I mentioned mostly furniture. valid in the design. We leave 2 images below to reference 1 and 2.


If you like our 2. Design Principle, you should go this way in all furniture, simple, elegant and fine detailed furniture should be preferred.

If 1. Our Design Principle is liked, embroidered designs on Feet, Foreheads and Surface can be made on Furniture and a more classic way can be entered.

We can share the details of these designs in our next articles. If you want to comment, you can write as a comment or send us an e-mail. I [email protected]

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