Dream House
Dream House

The ‘dream home of today has come a long way from post war tract homes with cookie-cutter features.In general people now ant homes that express their reputation,heritage,their individual style and are loaded with modern architecture.While thinking, a swirl of thoughts comes into picture and asked me to write something about your dream home.

Fig.My home
  Fig.Dining Area
Fig.Inner Stairways

Conventionally, houses were built by masons but home is not just like that.It is a farrago of structural units and one’s thoughtful way.I named my dream home as “GRUHA“.Gruha, a two-storeyed villa of 4BHK facing west.

The view begin with an epic portal.A courtyard in  south-west direction and a fountain depicting the art of a boy and a girl hoding an umbrella in a heavy rain and a swimming pool in north-west direction.For a woman, a kitchen is the heaven.My heaven equipped with an AI smart technology.

A living room where everyone can chill.Bedroom is the most important thing,it is the space where a bombardment of dreams figure out their ecstasy.I adopt a viable technology which helps in proper functioning of entire home in terms of mobility of curtains,on/off lights,TV,refrigerator and AC.The entity of my home recognised by various ceilings with spectrum colours of different contrasts.With all imported wardrobe and furniture fills the spaces with beauty interwined.

A mini theatre where every person can come out of the world and seminar hall for pooling business matters.A well scluptured  monuments and paintings at desired positions are help to kill the negative energy in home.Simply my dream home is a consortium of world class amneties which imbibes a carved architecture. For aesthetics my dream home you will came to a conclusion that this home built by a passionate civil engineer.

Article by
Jhansi Yamarthy



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