Country House stretches over 35 000 square meters of untamed landscape, bounded with the aid of sturdy stone partitions. The method of the inspiration turned into to expand a residential complicated in sturdy connection to the context. Located in a remote, poorly inhabitated a part of West Herzegovina canton.

A person’s home is a mirror of her personality and worldview

  • Architects: DVA ARHITEKTA
  • Location: Bijaca, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Design Team: Tomislav Ćurković / Zoran Zidarić
  • Collaborator: Cvjetka Peronja, m.Arch
  • Project Manager: Haris Mahić
  • Project year: 2007
  • Completion yr: 2011
  • Site Area: 35,000 sq.
  • Total ground location: 950 square
  • Photographs: Robert Leš
Country House, Picture 1

The ambient relies on tradition, where places like this provided social contact and events. All three units, six buildings alltogether, are carefully placed to gain views according to client’s wishes. Guarding the entrance, the steward house and auxilliary facility are located.Save this picture!

Country House, Picture 2

Further alongside, the terrain climbs steeply toward the best factor wherein important unit is found. The vicinity gives manage of the whole site as well as extraordinary perspectives of the surrounding mountains. Towards the sports facilities the terrain descends in wide variety of terraces planted with olive bushes and grape vines.The football and basketball court together with dressing rooms shape third unit.

Country House, Picture 3

The principal unit contains the house for the proprietor, visitor house and summer residence with vine cellar and region for barbecueing. The interrelation among the houses creates fine out of doors areas, included from the wind, appropriate for playing time spent on fresh air.

Country House, Picture 4

Houses are specifically – storeyed, with each day life occurring on the floor degree, having touch with the out of doors. Houses are targeted both on outside and inside, due to climate conditions, harsh winters and warm summers.

Country House, Picture 5

Architectural language is pure and elementar, adjusted to the hand of neighborhood builders. Concrete creation is cladded in stone from the local quarry. Stone frames across the openings in facade, also conventional elements, are right here made in plaster and emphasised to achieve the playfulness of simple stone detail.

Connections among gadgets are paved in identical local stone.Houses are heated with the aid of heat pumps the usage of air and very well isolated which makes them low energy.

This task is trying to set a positive example to construct in faraway regions using what nature has given us and respecting neighborhood conditions.

Ground Floor Plan



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