Construction Account
Construction Account

It is as if the construction account is finished when the container is finished. I say, uncle, sir, if you don’t do your slender. He says tell me your rude. Let me tell you all know. Note: The rents, money, etc. paid to the real estate agent and the landowners were not taken into account, this account is only construction cost.

A question that our citizen often asks: Son, if we start this construction, how much will it end?

What if it matters !! Construction Account

Note 2: These prices are not head-to-head prices, but have been calculated in detail, down to the fine material, and simply transferred to you. I am preparing a detailed program for you to calculate the cost of the construction account, I think it will be over 1-2 months. Then you can analyze in more detail. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to ask for less, high prices and costs that you do not understand.

Note 3: If you said to me, you wrote a lot of things at the bottom, well, and you extended it too much, brother, and when you say “When we demolish our building, there is 2500m² construction, how much will it explode to us?” If you are going to ask questions such as, multiply 1 m² for Istanbul conditions by 1100-1500TL. Increase the price according to the luxury of your neighborhood and construction. For outside Istanbul, this price does not fall below 1000TL, so be sure of that.

Note 4: Expenditures were not made according to the starting order of the construction.

Building Approximate Cost Calculation

Our sample apartment is an apartment with 1 basement + ground + 8 normal floors, 2 apartments on each floor, each floor has an area of 200m².

Crane, forklift, scoop, jcb will come from the beginning of the excavation until we deliver the construction. You will give a total of about 20,000 TL. (Excluding excavation)

Municipal Payments

You will get a license to start construction from the municipality = 20.000TL
After the construction is completed, you will receive Settlement = 25.000TL
Pavement destruction price – Parking cost = 25.000TL
Total = 70.000TL

Payments 2

Building inspection fee = 25.000 TL
İski subscription expenses = 4.000TL
Electricity subscription expenses = 4000TL
Natural Gas subscription expenses = 5000TL
You get insurance for the construction = 2000TL
Insurance to be filled in = 105.000 TL
Total = 145.000TL

Payments 3

Scaffold rent = 20.000 TL
Container- Mapper – EKB- OSGB = 25.000 TL
Total = 45.000TL

Payments 4

Site electricity per month = 500TL
Construction site water monthly = 350TL
Property tax = 8000TL
Salaries of men working at the construction site = 2500TL
Total = 175.000TL

Architectural, static, mechanical, electrical project = 50.000TL

Excavation = 85.000TL

Concrete-iron-rough construction
Rough construction workmanship = 100.000TL
Total iron of the building = 175.000TL
Total concrete of the building = 150.000TL
Total = 425.000TL

Waterproofing = 25.000TL

Ventilation = 10.000TL

Heating and Cooling
Combi, air conditioner, natural gas materials, honeycomb, towel warmer = 80.000TL


Materials + labor = 45.000TL


Materials + labor = 70.000TL

Exterior = 250.000TL

Workmanship + material = 70.000TL

Workmanship + material = 155.000TL

Workmanship + material = 30.000TL

Workmanship + material = 40.000TL

Workmanship + material = 100.000TL

Workmanship + material = 20.000TL

Window + railing
Workmanship + material = 100.000TL

Workmanship + material = 55.000TL

Elevator = 75.000TL

Room doors + steel doors = 105.000TL

Kitchen-bathroom cabinets and coat hangers = 70.000TL

Bathroom and kitchen built-in products and accessories = 80.000TL

Parquet, landscape around the building, generator, wallpaper, steel roof etc = 160.000TL




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