Construction Account
Construction Account


We are aware that many problems such as poor quality workmanship, bankruptcy firm, victim citizen and unfinished construction have occurred as a result of small and medium contracting firms not being able to calculate their cost properly before starting a job (at the proposal stage). 97% of contractors engaged in construction in Turkey are small and medium-sized firms. Since these contractors are constantly interested in new places, they often bid to owners and landowners. But there is no guarantee that they can agree with every place they offer, and there is no possibility in practice. Therefore, contractors do not want to spend a certain amount at the proposal stage, as there is no guarantee that they will get the job. If the work is guaranteed, the project is drawn, the quantity is made according to it, the cost is calculated, but since there is no guarantee, these costs come to the contractor too much and they bid with a makeshift account. The acceptance of the offer means signing at the notary public, unfortunately there is no return after that time, but there are criminal sanctions under the contract. We know that the leading companies in the construction industry do not make offers in this way, and expert engineers and technical staff work for months, while there is no such requirement for such large companies.

Construction Account briefly; software for calculating the cost of construction, before starting construction (at the proposal stage).

A few of the reasons why contractors prefer us are to be able to calculate the entire cost of the building with a very low (about 2%) error share in 5 minutes. It can get all the calculations in detail as a report. You can see which of the 2 different materials used to do the same work in 1 second. For example: You can see how much the cost of using brick, ytong and pumice when making a wall and choose the material accordingly. Comparing the costs of several different constructions that can be made on the lands of Emsalli (kaks). Easily seeing the difference in profit between building and selling duplex apartments. While evaluating a plot with a zoning plan, it first calculates how the construction of the plot can be made empty. Then, using the Construction Account software, he calculates the cost of the building and evaluates the land according to the apartment sales price in the region. For example: There is someone buying an investment land. He wants to learn the value of his 1000m² plot according to market conditions. Real estate appraiser calculates the building that can be built on the land. Let’s say you have 10 apartments. The sale price of 1 of the flats in the market is 800,000 TL. The Appraiser calculates the cost of this building through the Construction Account and reaches 2.500.000 TL. The contractor can also value the owner of the plot by cutting a profit. For example, the contractor’s profit is 1.500.000 TL. If this land is sold to the contractor for 4,000,000 TL, there will be a construction cost of 2,500,000 TL and the contractor will have a total cost of 6,500,000 TL. If revenue of 8.000.000 TL is gross, it will be 1.500.000 TL profit. This calculation method is one of the calculation methods for the CMB Licensed Appraiser and it may not be appropriate to report in this way, but it is widely used for practical accounts. Real estate consultants use the Construction Account to make detailed calculations to make a presentation to the contractor about their plot portfolio. In addition to the Construction Account module, people who want to renovate some or all of their house or office can calculate the entire cost of renovation before starting the renovation. If the cost of the renovation of the whole house / office exceeds the budget, there are those who stop refurbishing a part of the house / office. Since our customers know the cost of the renovation before starting the renovation; They make choices such as not changing the doors, keeping the parquets, using the bathroom cabinet, but changing the kitchen cabinet completely, and they can print and compare the report of all selection variations in pdf format. In addition to the Construction and Renovation costs calculations, all the expenses of the construction and the renovation are detailed, in categories, in accordance with the progress of the construction, and which master / subcontractor report can be obtained by keeping the cost of 1kg nail purchased without skipping. for how much payment is made and how much debt is left, you can see who owes you in the long term, you can keep your cash flow in the short and long term and you can follow all these accounts on the device you want online for 7 days 24 hours without any setup. It is a construction expense tracking software that requires no training and can be used easily by anyone.


How does the Construction Account work? Here is the answer … There are 1000s of formulas integrated in the background of the software. Each value you change in the program causes the parameters in many formulas to change and the result changes. For example: If you add 1 bathroom to any apartment in your building, some of the changes that will occur are as follows: Floor concrete because the apartment grows, Iron price to be used for the floor, If the floor is the floor, the wall price of the bathroom, the wall material of the bathroom Appliqué for shower cabin, shower tray, floor drain, shower trumpet, bathroom faucet, 2 radiator valves for toilet seat, toilet cover, sanitary plumbing and water plumbing material price, sanitary plumbing and sewage plumbing lampholder, switch Ceiling plaster and paint material and workmanship trik workmanship Ventilation engine for the removal of steam after shower Shower, glass and accessory prices for the window in the bathroom Marble sills to be placed in front of the window In addition, the software works in integration with the Regulation. For example: When you are going to build a 10-storey building, the program tells you, even if you do not know the requirement of the 2nd elevator according to the “Elevator Regulation”. In buildings exceeding 21.50 meters in height, there is a requirement for a fire escape in accordance with the “Regulation on the Protection of Buildings from Fire”. The program gives you all the details by calculating the cost difference between the presence and absence of a fire escape. In this way, you can choose your floor heights, how many storey buildings you will build etc. and make your decision accordingly. When you start using the Construction Account, it asks you for the type of structure you will make primarily because the account of each building is different. It also asks for the province where you are going to build, and gives labor and material prices according to the province and district where the construction is made.

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