1- The front of the Centurion building is long and has a tectonic appearance at first glance, a structure that can be put in a mixed building class with many materials.

Centrurion, Picture 1

2- Concrete floor wiping that shows the floors, Le Corbusier has modern architectural effects. It is clear that the architecture office Joe Adsett Architects use a modern language on Centurion building. That they take architects such as Le Corbusier and Mies Van Der Rohe as pioneers.

Centrurion, Picture 2

3- The regular arrangement of thin wooden sticks in the structure is immediately noticeable. The elegant and delicacy of wood and the hard and rough form of concrete are a good example of how beautiful an image can be created when the contrasts come together.

Centrurion, Picture 3


4- The first thing that welcomes you in the interior of Centurion is the staircase leading upstairs. The stairs are designed as wooden steps and the balustrades are made of glass. Generally, we can say that the building is the last architectural structure. The point I like in this part is that the meaningless area under the stairs is very well evaluated and designed as a big flowerpot.

Centrurion, Picture 4

5- The living area and the kitchen are designed in the same place. The light coming from the outside to Centurion provides the necessary light to the place. It can be said that it is very successful in this regard! Of course, there are problems with thermal insulation in these types of buildings, but there are no such problems when workmanship is good.

Centrurion, Picture 5

6- The thing I like the most in the kitchen part is that the cabinet part looks like a whole, that is, a wall.

Centrurion, Picture 6

7- There are 2 islands in the kitchen section, it is not possible to draw such projects today, I think it is not right to have 2 islands in that part. I do not find two different candidates right.

Centrurion, Picture 7

8- I think it is a great approach and the fact that the two walls of the space are covered with the same material and have a function on the two walls have been very successful here. If we come to the ceiling that I have not mentioned, they seem to have decided to leave the ceiling as gross concrete, but it is not possible to obtain such an image in the original, also it is not the right decision for the house, but it can be painted with a light-colored joint paint. we can say that the situation really adds air to the building.

Centrurion, Picture 8


9- The part that faces the garden gives a different feeling to the person with a truly incredible image. Concrete floor wiping creates a completely sculptural look in the inner courtyard.

Centrurion, Picture 9

10- When looking inside from the inner courtyard, it is remarkable that a more tectonic language is used and the details are less, as seen from the outside. We can say that the details are better here in order to avoid eye strain.

Centrurion, Picture 10


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