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How Do I Become the Author

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You can write about the architecture of the city you live in

Earn Money

Make money from every article you write

Who can write at Architecture News?

  • Engineers, Architects, Urban Planners who wish to convey their professional knowledge and experience,
  • Engineering and architecture faculty students who aim to improve themselves and produce quality content can write.

BestArDeCom Supports Architecture and Interior Architecture Students.

If you are a student at the Faculty of Engineering & Architecture, you can improve yourself and earn additional income by writing original articles at BestArDeCom. In addition to architects in BestArDeCom, the information source of the construction industry; civil engineer Articles are also published in areas such as occupational safety and personal development. Our goal is to create the largest content platform in terms of Turkey’s construction and architecture.

How Much Do I Earn as a Student Writer

Our payment system according to the number of words is as follows:

For your 100% original, non-copy and post articles:

  • 1$ for every 750 reads between 200-400 words
  • 1.5$ for every 750 reads between 401-800 words
  • 2$ TL for every 750 reads between +801 words

* News category is 1$ without looking for the number of words.

Conditions for Paid Writing

  • When your payments reach minimum 25 $, they will be made upon your request.
  • Even if the reading of the article increases, the payment cannot be requested from the received articles.
  • Your articles are permanent. If you request deletion, the article remains anonymous, only the author information is deleted.
  • Any program of the author, etc. fake click through etc. If it is determined that the payments are made, the payments are canceled.
  • A second payment cannot be requested from the paid articles.
  • The author cannot use BestArDeCom pages in his own interests or use them to earn in different ways (eg, white paper, link shortening services, etc.)
  • Every article published on BestArDeCom is the responsibility of the author.
  • Your articles will be shared across all of our social media accounts to ensure that they reach a wide audience.
  • Your articles will be published by our editors after necessary edits are made.
  • BestArDeCom reserves the right not to publish the article even if it complies with all the rules. It reserves the right not to make a statement regarding the rejection of the article.
  • BestArDecom can edit, add, remove, if necessary, in all the items mentioned here.
  • You are deemed to have accepted all these points.

How should I write? (Writing Rules)

  • You can write articles on topics that match the categories in BestArDeCom.
  • Your articles must be original. Quotes from other web pages cannot be directly placed. Copy and paste articles will not be published.
  • 1 featured image and a minimum of 2 images should be added to your article. The source of the image must be specified under the images you add. In addition, the image name should be renamed according to the relevant image and without Turkish characters.
  • For the articles you cite: You can edit the sentences in a way that does not lose meaning, but certainly the same expressions cannot be included.
  • The sources you use and the sources of the visuals must be stated in the article.
  • The name of the images you use should not contain any Turkish characters and should be “-” instead of spaces. (Ex: santiye-sefleri-hakinda-yonetmelik.jpg)
  • The featured image size aspect ratio is min. Should be 540 × 460 pixels

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